Nurse's Suite

Cari Seidler

Health Suite  Phone: 410-602-0642

All students must submit completed health forms. Please go to the BCPS Health Services webpage to find the forms.  Please email completed forms to Mrs. Seidler at [email protected].

Check out the Nurse's Newsletter here!

Call Mrs. Seidler if your child will be absent due to illness or injury.
Please do not send a sick child to school.
Notify Mrs. Seidler as soon as possible of any illness due to strep throat, flu, or chicken pox.
Please notify the office if your phone number changes.


 Medication Policy
All medication must be given to the school nurse. All medication, including over the counter medicines must have written instructions from the doctor in order to be given in school. The doctor's instructions can be faxed to the school at 410-887-1213. All medications must be in original or duplicate container with the current prescription label on the bottle.