Reading Resource

 Reading Resource

 Elaine Jocuns
Reading Specialist

 Wellwood is proud to be a Ben Carson Reading School!

Ben Carson's journey toward success as a neurosurgeon began when his mother turned off the TV and told her son that every week he would have to read two books and he could only watch three TV programs.  Dr. Carson faced many challenges in his life including poverty, poor grades, and a violent temper.  But with hard work and his mother's encouragement and high expectations, he went from the student everyone called "stupid" to the top of his class.  

Following Dr. Carson's model and philosophy, the Ben Carson Reading Project at Wellwood Elementary was developed to encourage students and families to use reading and learning as tools for achievement.

The program is based on Dr. Ben Carson's THINK BIG philosophy.  Each letter of THINK BIG stands for a different one of Dr. Carson's ideas for being a successful person.